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you are allowed to use my artwork if you link back to the original!

i strongly encourage all artists to use this icon and be more open to letting fans use their work for edits (to create graphics) or website/blog decorations. i dislike the fact that there is a stigma against editing, and so many artists are super uptight and restrictive of their own fans.
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this is not about editing but... if you share any of my work, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! ^__^ i don't care whether you reblog from me or just share it on your own, i'm just happy you shared it at all~~ remember to credit me though so that people will know it's me who did the work!!!


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you're on tumblr? me too!

guess what, tumblr is the first place i go to when i want to reveal new art/manga ideas <333 and i just talk about art a lot (and say more things there than i do on da) and post other people's wonderful art <333 also i reblog anything funny, interesting, or awesome! follow follow follow

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school is causing delays.

Sat Mar 28, 2015, 8:18 PM

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yeah i really do say this over and over again but, i am still slow at answering messages. i am answering a few but there are still a lot more things in my inbox as well that i haven't gotten to yet.

and sadly i can't make a promise of "it's okay, i'll be more active soon" because i am going to be doing a lot of schoolwork from now through most of may. so i can't even say that i will be more active. i have to say no!! if school ended now, i could give you that promise. but school is still here, so i can't even give you hope that i will be more active.

i won't be posting on tumblr much either. but there's still twitter, although my notifications are piling up there too: although, the good thing about my twitter is that it is the only place where i show WIP's!! if you're interested XD also the twitter for the independent shojo manga label Lace Song is also going to remain active:

and, i'll still be making art, including the tutorial that won't be posted until i get 400 watchers!!!

but i still wish school weren't in my way though. it makes me incredibly upset that there's nothing i can do to finish school right now and i have to keep waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting... ugh. it's like all i do is wait for school to be over and it's never over, it just keeps going on and on but never actually finishes. it's interrupting my life by further damaging my already bad time management skills.

it greatly annoys me when other people become less active on da because of school, so it is horrible that i have to become one of those people too, causing the same negative feeling in others that other people have caused for me.

  • Mood: Defeated

my art goals!!! big journal!!

Sun Mar 8, 2015, 11:27 PM

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hi everyone!! turning one year older has made me do a lot of thinking about my goals. i wanted to take this time to write a detailed description of what i plan to do, so read this if you want to learn more about me. and you can tell me your art goals too because i like to know other people's goals.

my goal is to be a full time mangaka. it's not because there is no other job i want to do. i have an interest in marketing, PR, and social media, so that's going to be my career field for my "regular job." specifically i want to do it in the arts and entertainment industry. i already have an internship like that, it's a marketing internship at a theater (not a movie theater. it's a theater with a stage, that kind of theater) sadly, it's not paid, so i will have to get some kind of paid work not too long from now. but yeah i do have a direction i want to go in for my "regular job." i used to pursue the area of politics and government. that's my other interest, and i did internships for that, but i realized that that's not my career choice. i decided that i could be some kind of marketing professional, that's what i wanted to be. i hope i get a job in marketing and i especially hope it's somewhere in the entertainment industry. i want to be part of an industry that is about creativity and fun. my dream "regular job" is working for nickelodeon actually hahahaha i still like nickelodeon and i'm 24

it took a while for me to think of a career path but i did... the problem is that i still want to do manga. and the thing about manga is that it'll take a lot of time. it would be so helpful for me to not have any other larger obligation than manga. i don't want to be a "spare time" artist. i don't want to work a full-time regular job and do manga in my spare time because that would seriously slow down the rate i do the manga. that's pretty bad because right now, i'm not exactly the fastest artist. (lol) i hope that increasing my skill level will speed me up but still, i want to have manga as the main thing i do with my time. i don't want something else taking up a lot of my time and stealing that time away from manga. so that's why i want to be a full-time manga artist.

obviously that's not happening any time soon, so for now i'm going to just get a regular job. i'm going to keep creating art and will make manga too. doing these two things will increase both my skill level and fanbase/popularity. sadly i'm soooo slow. and i hate scheduling anything and putting myself on deadlines. this time/slowness thing is my only obstacle, i swear. my skills aren't at pro level but i can get there by doing more art. (but i'm slow!) i don't have a huge number of watchers on da and followers on tumblr and twitter, but i can get more by making more and better art, and marketing myself. i have ideas of how to market myself. like i said, marketing is my chosen career field after all. i just don't have much material to actually... market. ^__^U i have a lot of art in my gallery but the quality level isn't professional. i just need to make more stuff. but i'm slow.

still i will keep trying to make more art, improve myself, talk to more people and become closer to the friends i've made. (i have several friends on this site and i want to help them succeed and they will help me too!) that's my plan for now. i'll slowly gain more skill and popularity. but i do know that when it comes to the internet, the more popularity someone has, the easier/faster it is to increase it. many artists never get over being "obscure" and "unknown," so it's hard to get noticed. but if you're able to crawl up out of that pit, you can go far. it's hard to get up out of there. it takes a long time, for most people. but once you do it, things will get easier. that's been my observation, from being so active on many internet sites.

as for the actual manga itself, you can see my plans and the plans of the other people in my manga label "Lace Song" by going to this page, which is going to be updated soon: but i will briefly mention my current plans now... i have two collab oneshots that are on hiatus right now. they are "Gilded" and "Samiyah and Zahir." to get progress updates on these mangas, you'll have to follow and . but yep those two are going to be my first two (as well as those makoharu short mangas i never did... eheheh). both the oneshots will be available online for free but there might be additional merchandise sold. but the merch is just a small thing on the side, so that won't be a big moneymaker. i want these mangas available for free so that many people can read them. i genuinely want many people to read because it'll make me happy, but it's also because i need more popularity/exposure.

then i have three more (solo, not collab) mangas and i'm not sure about the order i want to do them in. there's The Adventures of SuperAwesomePants which is about Jessica, the character in my icon. that manga will be 3-5 chapters, each chapter being about 40 pages. there's the untitled manga about two girls who are secret agents, and that will be one chapter. then there is DreamGuy, which will be 4-6 chapters (there's an old unfinished version of it in my gallery already lol). there will be merchandise sold such as prints, bookmarks, and keychains. i don't know if i will make the mangas available for free. i want to, because i just want a lot of people to read my mangas. but i really need to make money and the merch may not be enough.

but, as another source of money, i also want to do commissions. currently i don't do real money commissions, but i want to do them eventually. idk when though. but it has to be when i am a lot more popular than i am now. because of me being busy with manga, commission slots will be VERY limited. i want to have auctions for commission slots, in order to make a lot of money, but i also want to do commission raffles, and put them at a low price so that people can afford them. the thing is, auctions and raffles only work if there are many people willing to buy. that's why i have to gain much more popularity before i do this. the oneshot mangas that are available for free should increase that.

i currently have only one idea that i am seriously planning to make a long series about. that doesn't mean i didn't think of any other ideas for a series. it just means this is the only one i genuinely intend to make a series about. i just thought of this idea in october of last year, so my idea has not existed as long as any of the others i mentioned. yet, i am very very super excited about it!! :la: Lace Song's tumblr and twitter will have info about this manga eventually so follow if you want to know more because i will only say a little bit right now. what i will tell you now is that it's an energetic, fun manga with lots of humor, and cute/sweet moments! but there is also action and drama. oh yeah, and there will also be fanservice galore... :la: i've been working on detailed character information for the main characters. there is no reason for me to be doing that this early. i'm obviously not going to make this manga for a long time. but i was so excited about this manga that i had to start working on those bios anyway!!! :dummy: i am definitely trying hard to do a good job with creating these characters' personalities. i am thinking carefully about their personalities and also about the way they interact with each other. because this is a series, i am writing much more info about these characters than about the characters in my short mangas.

the first few chapters of this manga will be available online for free but the rest of it will be available for sale only. and there will definitely be merchandise, and it will be really important for me to have that. (with the other mangas, merchandise is not too important for me. it's a bonus) by the time i make this series, i will have already made those other mangas (and a bunch of other artworks of course). so that's a long time from now... which means i should have a MUCH higher skill level and a TON more people in my fanbase. this will allow me to have a large number of people to buy this manga and the merchandise. and i hope to still do an occasional commission raffle and auction, too. and with a bigger fanbase, those will generate a lot of money. and i can always try to sell original art too, and i don't have to wait until my manga series to do that.

so yeah, there it is. now you can see how i plan to make enough money to live off of. there are several different ways i will be making money, so i'm planning a combination of all those things. all i have to do is actually follow through with my plans!!! that's so hard for me because of my slow work speed and my bad time management skills (those are two different problems, just to be clear). but if i can actually do all this stuff i've planned, i think there's a good chance i could reach my dream.

i talked mostly about myself here, and not lace song. i do have some plans for LS but they aren't as detailed as my plans for myself. i can't just decide what happens in LS all by myself... there are other people there who will make those decisions with me. i hope lace song becomes a big success. but i don't have anything else to say about it right now. you'll just have to wait and see what happens in LS...

well there you go... now you have a better idea of what i intend to do with my art!! ^__^ remember, the goal here is to be able to do manga as my job, and not have to go to some other job and only do my manga in my remaining time. i'm a long way from doing that, unfortunately. but i have a plan so i am going to try to reach my dream!! =D=D=D=D=D do any of you have big art goals? :heart:

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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
*~~~~~ super cute friends ~~~~~*

name: Sachi/Jasmine

occupation: fairy princess

location: north carolina

likes: bright colors, vintage things, big cities, lolita fashion, buying lip gloss, shojo manga, corsets, big eyes, futuristic things, sparkles, bishounen, drawing lip gloss on my characters, makoharu, white paint, elegant things, cute things

hobbies: drawing, writing (manga scripts), rambling, ranting, watching tv, reading manga

dream: to be a shojo manga artist :nod:

personality: lazy, weird, daydreamer, kawaii desu, loves to ramble, optimistic, friendly, very weird

avatar: my oc Jessica/SuperAwesomePants, by PermenantMarkers


No Requests by SweetDuke Point Commissions - On Hold by SweetDuke Collaborations - Ask Me by SweetDuke Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke Kiribans - Closed by SweetDuke

point commissions are closed for now but will reopen within the next few weeks. if you want to art trade, collab, or you have some other project i may be interested in, you can note me about it, but keep in mind that i might not accept. i used to do kiribans but they are now closed. btw, i forget things so it's okay to give me a friendly reminder if there's something that i forgot to do for you.

:winner: *KIRIBAN HALL OF FAME* :winner:

mahoujirou - 12,500
Eclipsing - 30,000
NezumiX - 35,000
Mikriluna - 50,016
reichekun - 50,017
shinjistar - 55,000
kiwiliko - 60,000
TravellingThinker - 70,000
Ekkoberry - 80,000
jiangel - 80,010
AikaArfeiniel - 90,000
EnmismAnima - 90,001
Bblaze-MiKaSa2D - 100,000
Kourumi - 100,003


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sakuraxls2 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
Hi sorry for the super long delay ; x;
Heres your commission >///<
[Comm.] - Sachi-Pon by sakuraxls2
melodiitea Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
hiiiii! I love your art! hope to see more from you ♥(●´∀`●)
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thanks for stopping by my stream. ^_^9
Sachi-pon Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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awesome! Look forward to seeing you. ^_^ 
Cynderthedragon5768 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, I decided to reply to your comment from the forum here, because I removed it xP I figured it was a bad idea to post it, but I felt I needed to get some of my feelings of frustration out as I've been keeping things bottled up to much lately, but I came off as rude to a lot of people because I let me frustrations control me, so it's been removed because people think I'm a 'big-headed-prideful-jerk who's only after attention, and thinks I'm as good as L. Da Vinci'. Which is the total opposite x.x I sincerely hope I didn't come off as a pig-headed jerk, cause I promise I am not one ;A; that is the only time I've ever typed something like that. I have 0 self esteem, so you'll never see me praise myself^^"

*in reply to your comment*
I totally know that feeling xP I always wonder what some artists do that makes people cling to them. Whatever it is, I haven't figured it out yet. I've had people tell me my art isn't worth $10 or my prices are too high, but I feel like I'm not getting anything out of it if I go for less.
I'm sorry you're not getting as many views either, your art is adorable!<3 It rather annoys me as well when some people make $750 freaking dollars off of 1 adopt. I am not lying, I have seen that. I was like "...holy flip... HOW?" nooo clue. Hopefully one day we'll both be able to get the prices we want for our work c:

thanks for not being rude to me in the comments^^
Sachi-pon Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i think your thread was relatable to a lot of people actually! because lots of people have trouble getting noticed =( so it was a good vent thread, lol. but it's complaints so people there are always rude anyway because that's the tradition in the complaints forum XDDDD

aww thanks! your art is good too. i usually see not-so-good artists making the "why don't people notice me" complaint but i do think your art is colorful and interesting =)

i haven't tried to sell paypal commissions in a long time. i think if i tried to sell commissions for $10 then... maybe one person would buy. it would have to be a colored fullbody with background. if i offered anything less, probably no one would give me the $10. but if i offered colored fullbody with background then i guess i might possibly get a buyer... just one... sigh

oh... i guess you saw my thread about the adoptable... i didn't check my replies so idk if you responded, sorry! i have a lot of replies in my inbox. wait, did you see that thread? i started a thread about adoptables costing too much?
TheRafflesia Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
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Sachi-pon Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i love pretty comments like that :love:
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Glad you do! :hug:
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myboyrobin Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the points, I really appreciate that <3
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you're very welcome! :D
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Thanks for the Watch! :wink kiss: 
Sachi-pon Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
aww thank you too! :)
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No problem. You're quite welcome :)
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Thanks for the Llama!
Sachi-pon Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you're welcome!
QueenieKomori Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015  Student Digital Artist
LOL,I've just seen you follow me on Tumlb, but OMG, it's so really difficult to use, I don't know how to post comment or reply comment @.@ and a lot of other thing :(, that place is so boring :(
Sachi-pon Featured By Owner Edited Mar 18, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you can send messages to people by sending "ask messages" or "fanmail."

"ask" or "inbox" is something that is disabled on your page! you have to go to your settings and change it so that "ask" messages can be received. (also, you can allow anonymous messages but i don't think that's a good choice) once you turn on your "ask," people can send you messages. they can be at this link: right now the link doesn't work.

you can see my own ask/inbox link here:

"fanmail" is something that you can send people after following them for two days (i think it's two days, not sure) and you can find the fanmail option in the top right corner of people's profiles. there is a small icon. but it won't be there if you haven't been following the person for at least two days.

another thing you can do to talk to people is reblog people's posts and write your own comment underneath.

i have to also say, it's important to use tags on tumblr. you can tag your posts with things like "anime," "manga," "diabolik lovers" and things like that. if you want to see other people who are posting about diabolik lovers, you can go to… . and so that's how you can browse through a tag on tumblr! you have to do and then write the thing you want to look for. or, when you look at your dashboard, you can click a tag at the bottom of other people's posts and you'll see other posts with that tag.

just try to keep using tumblr a lot and you'll learn more about it. it's hard for me to explain it, you just have to do it. i can't really explain it that well because it's confusing...
QueenieKomori Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015  Student Digital Artist
wow, U know a lots , thank u so much, but the most importance thing I want to know is: how can I comments under your picture or your post?
Sachi-pon Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i have been on tumblr for a while lol!!

you actually can't do that on most blogs... there is a way to install a commenting feature called "disqus" but you have to go to another website to do that and it only works with some tumblr themes. so most people don't have it. the main way that people communicate on tumblr is "ask" messages.

oh yeah i forgot... there are actually two options to comment under people's posts, but it doesn't happen on every post:

one way is "answer." this feature only works if you make a text post, and you write a ? at the end of the title of your post... or if you don't want to do that, if a ? is the last thing in your text post then that's the other thing that can activate the "answer." with "answer," people can leave one response underneath the post.

you can only make two posts like that per day. and like i said, they have to be "text posts."

the other way is that there is an option in your settings called "let people reply if they've been following you for two weeks." so people can leave a comment under the post, when they see that post on the dashboard.

tumblr is such a strangely designed site. but i like it a lot because i like the people there, it's a great place for art, anime, and fandoms! it's just that explaining how the site works is very difficult. again, you have to just do it and try to figure it out on your own because that's better than me explaining it XD
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