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you are allowed to use my artwork if you link back to the original!

i strongly encourage all artists to use this icon and be more open to letting fans use their work for edits (to create graphics) or website/blog decorations. i dislike the fact that there is a stigma against editing, and so many artists are super uptight and restrictive of their own fans.
for more info click here


this is not about editing but... if you share any of my work, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! ^__^ i don't care whether you reblog from me or just share it on your own, i'm just happy you shared it at all~~ remember to credit me though!


check out my collections too, especially my stamp collection and fractal collection!


visit my tumblr!

guess what, tumblr is the first place i go to when i want to reveal new art/manga ideas <333 and i just talk about art a lot (and say more things there than i do on da) and post other people's wonderful art <333 also i reblog anything funny, interesting, or awesome! follow follow follow

Statement of Faith.

:bulletpink:I believe in one God who created us all
:bulletblue:I believe we all have sinned
:bulletred:I believe in God's son, Jesus
:bulletyellow:I believe Jesus took the punishment we deserve
:bulletgreen:I believe Jesus loves everyone. ♥

No matter who you are, no matter what background you come from, no matter what you have done in your life, you can trust Jesus to be your Lord and Savior... can note me if you want to talk about it!! Or just look at Christian sites such as

:iconchristians: <---go here too!!

:star: read the Good News, personally from me to you... my Story!!

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world but to save the world through him." -John 3:16-17

what!!!!!!! i am so shocked o___o

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 5, 2014, 11:39 AM
even though i had tried to sell point commissions in order to  earn points and extend my premium, i was earning points waaaay too slowly. it wasn't working out, so i gave up and said that i was going to let my premium run out and then buy a new one with Christmas money. so i was just going to not have a premium for three months.


i never expected someone to give me a membership. i didn't realize that there was anyone who actually wanted to do that for me. i always just bought them for myself, i didn't think anyone else would want to buy me one. so this was definitely surprising!! but this just goes to show you that sometimes good things can happen when you don't expect them!!! =D =D =D if you think you aren't noticed enough, more people notice you than you think...

i'm assuming that person is reading this journal so i'll say... THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO VERY MUCH!!!!! :love::love::love: it was extremely nice of you to care about me enough to do this ;___; you are a kind and loving person and i hope you are proud of yourself :hug:

you can note me and tell me if you did it. i won't tell anyone XD

uhhh in other news... so yeah there is still a kiriban and don't forget that you might get something if you are close enough (but nothing below 90,000, even 89,999 won't count) and... i'm applying for a job at michael's (an art supply store! yay :dummy:) so hopefully i can work there and get discounts on art supplies lol. and i am really scared about free! eternal summer episode 11, coming wednesday. i love makoharu but i can't tell if there is going to be a really happy makoharu scene or a sad makoharu scene. uggggh i hate this suspense...

EDIT: i decided not to apply to that store after all -__- i found some other companies i'm interested in!

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kiriban!! and updates

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 31, 2014, 9:30 PM
first of all i want to say... i'm available to help other artists who are trying to learn. there was someone in the forums who wanted an anime/manga mentor and i talked to them but... i forgot who that was so if that was you, note me! but also i can help other people as well. plus i'm available if anyone needs someone to talk to about serious life issues. or religion questions because i talk to people about that too


okay my commissions are open but i have decided not to list examples and prices anymore and make any effort to advertise. if you want a commission, just note me and tell me what you want and i'll give you a price. (i will draw oc's or fanart, doesn't matter!) but i'm not going to make a big deal about commissions anymore, at least for now. it's because i have given up on trying to keep my premium membership, which was the main reason i have been trying to sell commissions for the past few weeks. i'll just wait until Christmas and buy it with Christmas money. do i really need a premium membership that badly? i'm not sure. i haven't been a non-premium member since.... oh idk, about SIX AND A HALF YEARS AGO :faint: so i don't know what it's like XDDDD but whatever :dummy: i'll just deal with the hardship. #firstworldproblems


i have a kiriban coming up at 90,000 pageviews but i'm going to offer points this time!! if you catch the kiriban, you get 90 points!! :la: now that i don't need points for a premium anymore and if you are a watcher of mine, i'll give you a bust sketch as well. :heart: (but it has to be before the kiriban happens. you can't suddenly watch when you have the kiriban)

also i haven't forgotten past kiriban prizes. sorry but other art keeps getting in the way. i put the kiriban prizes as higher priority than most of the other things on my to-do list but there are still certain things that are time-sensitive and that's why i haven't done the kiriban prizes. (also it was because i had a two-month artblock that delayed everything!! =( but that is in the past.) but yeah that's why i've decided to just do points and a bust sketch this time XD

btw, i want to do something special for the 100K kiriban but idk what to do... i mean i'll offer art to multiple winners, and possibly points, and also i'll probably do another shoutout video like i did for 50K views. if you have any other suggestions for something you want me to do, comment on the journal.

:heart: FREE! ART

ummm sooooo this is such a sad thing for me to say but i'm not going to do the other three free! arabian portraits. last august, i drew gou, haru, and makoto (i don't even like those pics anymore ;__; i mean i don't hate them but i'm not so excited about them like i used to be) and actually i was coloring my rei pic and sketching nagisa and rin... but then i got delayed by a bunch of other drawings and stuff. and i told myself i would come back to the arabian portrait series eventually, but i kept putting it off because i always felt like i didn't have time.

and now, after i do kiriban prizes, i can do free! fanarts, even ones i've had the idea to do since last year...!!! and i was going to do the arabian portraits but i'm not sure if i want to... i'd have to start over on them and then they would look better than the three already completed drawings. and that would just be weird. XD plus, doing the arabian portraits would delay those other free! fanarts. and like i said, those other free! fanarts have already been delayed a lot. but i really want to do them, as well as doing some makoharu comics that i've been wanting to do for several months.

me not doing the arabian pics does not mean i will never draw nagisa, rei, and rin. my upcoming pic "free! upgrade 2.0" is going to be a group pic, so i'm going to draw nagisa, rei, and rin there. (though, i might switch that out for a different idea i have for a group pic but i'm not sure. or maybe i'll do more than one group pic)


i was tagged by ArtCell-ist ^___^…

so i will post ten facts about myself and then answer her questions. but i don't feel like tagging anyone and doing my own questions -__-

ten facts:

1. i have several manga ideas! my ideas tend to have a large focus on romance. i love fictional romance stories, but i don't seek romance in my own life. :O

2. i'm a person who strongly dislikes too much routine and scheduling. i have a bad sense of timing and often do things late.

3. i have big dreams and agree with the quote "if your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough."

4. i love the warmth of summer because i hate cold temperatures. yet, winter is my favorite season and i love snow. i just like being indoors, knowing that it's winter. it makes me feel cozy ^___^

5. i love, love, love corsets. they are so beautiful!! (though i don't have one...) i also like fancy feminine lingerie in general and i especially like anything with lace on it. (although i don't buy any expensive/high quality lingerie. WHO'S GONNA SEE IT.)

6. i often feel intimidated by highly skilled artists. but tell myself not to get so upset because i should just focus on trying to improve my own art.

7. i'm not a talkative person in real life, except around family. on the internet, i LOVE talking and i can ramble on and on. it's hard for me to keep my words brief. i use a lot of words to explain things. also, that is why i started typing lower-case. (because, it helps me type faster)

8. i desperately want to learn how to draw muscular guys. i want to improve my anatomy with girls too, but trying to learn how to draw muscular guys is something that would be so fun to know how to do. it's fun to at least try. but i hope i become good at it, quickly.

9. i daydream constantly, but while sleeping, i only have a dream every two weeks or so. but usually i have good dreams, and i'm often in some kind of very cool-looking building that my brain imagines. super interesting buildings are a common theme in my dreams and i always wonder what that says about me.

10. i have this weird contradiction where i really want to be massaged, but i would be embarrassed by someone touching me for that long period of time. simultaneously wanting something and not wanting something is tough!! :upset:

her questions:

1. If ever you are given a chance to have super powers, what would it be?

super fast drawing skills... because i'm slow... -__-

2. Do you know how to cook? Who taught you? :3

not really, just scrambled eggs XD my mom taught me =D

3. Would you like to live with your parents or not ?

moving out on my own would cost a lot of money that i don't have. plus, i'm not emotionally ready to permanently move away from my parents. (i've done it temporarily though, living in a dorm during the school year four years of college)

4. Do you do digital or traditional art?

only traditional, because i still don't feel right doing digital.

5. Do you have a pet?

no, i'm not an animal person at all. even if i did have a pet, it would just be a fish!

6. Do you a have a phobia on something? What is it?

i'm afraid of most animals, see above question. XD and i have a fear of heights, the dark, loud noises, stormy weather, basically i'm afraid of everything

7. If you are to choose your gender, what would it be? Male or Female?

normally i like being female but sometimes i want to be male just so i can be physically stronger XDDDD i get tired too easily with physical activity ;__;

8. What's your hair color? Is it a natural color or not?

very dark brown. it's my natural color. one day i will experiment with different colors =)

9. If ever you have a chance, would you reset your life or not?

i'd be afraid of it turning out worse than the previous life, so no. :O

10. Yuri or Yaoi ? HAHAHAAHAHHAA .

yaoi!! yuri has NO GUYS, that's so boring. XDD

btw i did a tag like this on tumblr as well so if you want to learn more facts about me, go here:…

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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
<----- isn't he cute :heart::heart::heart:

doll: haru from free!, by FaolanEternal.
avatar: my oc superawesomepants/jessica, by…
webcam: the classic tale of firefighter meets merboy ♥…


name: Sachi or Super Sachiko or Princess Sachiko (actually it's jasmine)

occupation: fairy princess

location: north carolina

likes: bright colors, vintage things, big cities, lolita fashion, buying lip gloss, shojo manga, corsets, big eyes, futuristic things, sparkles, bishounen, drawing lip gloss on my characters, makoharu, white paint, elegant things, cute things

hobbies: drawing, writing (manga scripts), rambling, ranting, watching tv, reading manga

dream: to be a shojo manga artist :nod:

personality: lazy, weird, daydreamer, kawaii desu, loves to ramble, optimistic, friendly, very weird

haru and makoto, the married couple


:iconnorequests: :iconcommissionsopen: :iconcollabsask: :icontradesask: :icongiftsfriendsonly:

i am open for point or paypal commissions! note me and tell me what you want, and i'll give you a price. (i charge low prices!) if you want to art trade, collab, or you have some other project i may be interested in, you can note me about it, but keep in mind that i might not accept.

every 10,000 pageviews, there is a kiriban. if you get it, take a screenshot and note me as fast as possible!! normally you'd win artwork but this time you'll win points! if you're close, i may give you points anyway ("close" will be defined on a case-by-case basis lol.) but!! if you are UNDER the number, NO prize. also, you can catch a kiriban if you've caught it before!

GOOD LUCK!! catch those kiribans so i can draw for you! <3 <3 (jk, for 90,000 it's points)

:winner: *KIRIBAN HALL OF FAME* :winner:

mahoujirou - 12,500
Eclipsing - 30,000
NezumiX - 35,000
Mikriluna - 50,016
reichekun - 50,017
shinjistar - 55,000
kiwiliko - 60,000
TravellingThinker - 70,000
EchoBlossom123 - 80,000
jiangel - 80,010
AikaArfeiniel - 90,000
EnmismAnima - 90,001

hey it's a list


"emerald joy"
laudine commission

to-do list:

kiriban prizes: kiwiliko, mikriluna, shinjistar, echoblossom, jiangel
haru: "p u r e ."
haru bf shirt (redoing)
makoto pic (swimsuit!! <3 )
free! upgrade 2.0
startle: part 2! 8D (might switch this and do a different mh pic instead? not sure)
haru pic (secret title lol)
pics of my oc's (no specific ideas planned... yet)

warning: sometimes i do extra things that aren't on the list! and sometimes the list changes without warning.



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