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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist Core Member j a s m i n e ~Female/United States Groups :iconlacesong: LaceSong
~Weaving Dreamlike Patterns~
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you are allowed to use my artwork if you link back to the original!


if you share any of my work, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! ^__^ i don't care whether you reblog from me or just share it on your own, i'm just happy you shared it at all~~ remember to credit me though so that people will know it's me who did the work!!!


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~~The greatest love~~

:bulletpink:I believe in one God who created us all
:bulletblue:I believe we all have sinned
:bulletred:I believe in God's son, Jesus
:bulletyellow:I believe Jesus took the punishment we deserve
:bulletgreen:I believe Jesus loves everyone. ♥

No matter who you are, no matter what background you come from, no matter what you have done in your life, you can trust Jesus to be your Lord and Savior... can note me if you want to talk about it!! Or just look at Christian sites such as

:iconchristians: <---go here too!!

:star: read the Good News, personally from me to you... my Story!!

:new: this website is great for young people who have questions about Christianity, you just have to see this:

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world but to save the world through him." -John 3:16-17

Why am I open about my beliefs instead of keeping them to myself???…

~anniversary and announcement~

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 7, 2016, 5:23 PM
i have an announcement to make and i realized that my deviantart anniversary was coming soon. so, i thought, 'hey, i might as well do the announcement on the same day.' 
august 7th is deviantart's 16th anniversary as well as my 9th anniversary. ('cause i wanted to join dA on the anniversary day!! lol) speaking of 16, that's how old i was when i joined 
dA. it's been an adventure. here is a list of things i've done on dA, in no particular order:

-i made a lot of artwork. (duh, that's why i joined, to share my art)
-i've learned a lot about making art by looking at tutorials, forums, and journals
-i've made a bunch of friends. i think that's the best thing about this site. you can find genuine friends.
-i've gotten into many arguments
-i've written many long, rambling journal entries
-i've given and received llamas, because llamas are awesome
-i've improved greatly with my art skills. i learned to use new materials and new techniques.
-i've been involved with drama and that fact doesn't matter to me because i don't regret it.
-i used to capitalize my writing properly and then at some point i started slacking off
-i've come up with several manga ideas
-i've given and received commissions, art trades, requests, and gifts
-i've complained to the dA staff several times, but have also praised dA several times
-i've been obsessed with fandoms
-i've canceled projects i've started, and i've participated in other people's projects that got canceled
-i ran two contests and ran "secret valentine" events (like secret santa)
-i was called a "subscribed" member, then i was called a "premium" member, now i am called a "core" member
-i've tried to give support/encouragement/advice to lots of people. lots and lots and lots of people. i LOVE giving advice and nice comments.
-i changed my name from SuperSachiko to Sachi-pon in order to sound more "kawaii"
-i've found great crowdfunding campaigns to support
-i received watches, faves, and comments. i still remember times when i was used to NOT getting these things. slowly this situation improved.
-i've started groups and projects and things
-i've been open about my Christian faith. i always wanted people who know me on dA to know what my religion is.
-i got my art selected to be in an artbook, but that was a long time ago and by now i dislike that artwork!!
-i've been amazed by the high quality of art from the artists here, and i've felt intimidated A LOT. but i've also felt a lot of inspiration. soooo many times.
-i got more than 100,000 pageviews, even though i used to be super jealous of people who had that many views
-i've had long periods of inactivity in both drawing and replying to messages
-i've always stayed true to my own style because it's something i deeply care about
-i've had many interesting discussions with people in the forums about philosophy, politics, sex and relationships, daily life, things on the internet, and of course, artwork.
-there are probably other things i've done that i forgot about by now.
-i've just done a lot of stuff in general because this is my favorite site on the internet and i've been here for NINE YEARS!!!!!!!!

i mentioned in my list that i kept starting projects and then canceling or postponing them. this has happened a lot. but it would be good to actually NOT cancel/postpone something. 
if i can actually complete something, i can start on my way to becoming a full-time writer/artist/creative person. and now i'm announcing to the public the thing i am currently working on completing. what is it? it's none other than...

Untitled by Sachi-pon
(this isn't the final logo, it's something i made quickly. font: tangerine. pattern source: designtrends. )

in late january/early february, i decided that i wanted to restart a certain manga that i (barely) started on before. this manga is called "Samiyah and Zahir" and it's a one-shot about 
a princess who has unrequited love for her bodyguard. the thing is, i didn't want to do it by myself. the first time i decided to do this manga, it was in a three-person group. the 
second time i decided to do this manga, i wanted to work with only one person. i really want to have a group manga someday but for right now i wanted to keep things more simple 
by only having one person help me. i wanted one person to do the art while i wrote the story. but who would be a good fit for this particular story? i had one idea of whom to ask, 
and then i was going to start a forum thread announcing that i was looking for an artist. that forum thread never happened; thanks Ou-ren!!!

there's still a long way to go before the manga is complete. it's going to be several months, unfortunately. however, there is good news. the manga will be available to read for 
free!!! the whole manga will be released to the public. everyone will be able to see the full story from beginning to end... how nice!!

i wish i could just release the manga right now. but it takes so much time to create comics and there's definitely hard work involved. it's not quick and easy, and there's no way to 
get around that. but what i can do is release wip's of it, and some other info here and there, and it'll be posted on my tumblr under the tag "samiyah and zahir." so, my tumblr will be the best place to go to see things related to SaZ. here's the link to the "samiyah and zahir" tag on my tumblr:…

and i made a few concept sketches here:

SaZ character sketches by Sachi-pon

so yeah, there you go. now you know. the secret is out. i am making Samiyah and Zahir with Ou-ren, and i think you all will really like it!! :heart: it's an interesting and dramatic 
story in a fantasy setting. i came up with the plot idea before i came up with the setting, so i was like 'hmm, what kind of fantasy setting should this take place in?' i chose an arabian 
setting =D it's a great choice because of the very gorgeous visual style. and i will give credit where credit is due. the main thing that influenced my choice of setting was this...

Skin by Jassy2012 - Roes by IgnisFatuusII


j a s m i n e ~
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
*~~~~~ super cute friends ~~~~~*

name: Sachi/Jasmine

occupation: fairy princess/ fangirl

location: north carolina

likes: bright colors, vintage things, big cities, lolita fashion, buying lip gloss, shojo manga, corsets, big eyes, futuristic things, sparkles, bishounen, drawing lip gloss on my characters, makoharu, white paint, elegant things, cute things

hobbies: drawing, writing (manga scripts), rambling, ranting, watching tv, reading manga

dream: to be a shojo manga artist :nod:

personality: lazy, weird, daydreamer, kawaii desu, loves to ramble, optimistic, friendly, very weird

avatar: my oc Jessica/SuperAwesomePants, by piirmy


No Requests by SweetDuke Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke Collaborations - Closed by SweetDuke Trades - Closed by SweetDuke Gifts - Closed by SweetDuke Kiribans - Closed by SweetDuke

sadly i had to close everything due to time reasons. i can't even do giftart anymore. =( hopefully these things will open again soon.
btw, i forget things so it's okay to give me a friendly reminder if there's something that i forgot to do for you.

:winner: *KIRIBAN HALL OF FAME* :winner:

mahoujirou - 12,500
Eclipsing - 30,000
NezumiX - 35,000
Mikriluna - 50,016
reichekun - 50,017
shinjistar - 55,000
kiwiliko - 60,000
TravellingThinker - 70,000
Ekkoberry - 80,000
jiangel - 80,010
AikaArfeiniel - 90,000
EnmismAnima - 90,001
Bblaze-MiKaSa2D - 100,000
Kourumi - 100,003


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