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Makoto Bday 2016 by Sachi-pon Makoto Bday 2016 by Sachi-pon
it's my favorite character (makoto) from my favorite anime (free!)!! because today is his birthday and i want to celebrate!!! ^____^

what can i say? i really love him. i feel like i can never draw makoto enough times. i always want to draw him more. i just think he is so beautiful and perfect and i can't handle it. :iconexcitedlaplz:

i know the coloring here is a little weird but in my defense, this is the first thing i've colored in about four months. ^__^UUUU (i took a hiatus...) still, this was fun to color. i'm trying to experiment with different ways to color. btw here's a list of the media i used:

multiliner pens/ micron pens
dip pens
colored pencils
acrylic paint
soft pastels/ pastel chalk
pastel pencils
watercolor pencils
sakura gelly roll white pen
and for airbrush effects, i use a kids' art toy called sprayza!!! XD…

i'm going to add this list to my profile page just so that people will know what i use. (also i will add "watercolor" and "stamps" to the list because i use those sometimes, though not in this particular pic.)

by the way. i can't say i thought of this clothing on my own. i didn't know what i was going to draw him wearing but i was browsing through vishstudio's gallery when i came across this:… and i was like 'hey, why not.' i realized... i love this outfit!! it's so simple, yet so hot and attractive for a guy to wear. XD i think it's because i like the combination of covering up the chest but exposing the thighs.

and also i wanted to draw his feet too but... i just don't know how to draw feet at all. =( so i cropped them mostly out of the picture. eheh. sorry. one day i'll draw feet. but that day is not today.

but wait, there's more!!!! i have the sketch version of this pic that i need to show you, as well as FOUR OTHER SKETCHES. that's right. i had to draw FIVE sketches and then i finally colored that fifth sketch. i had a lot of trouble with deciding on a pose. so i kept trying different sketches. the pose i actually ended up using is a ref from SenshiStock. but drawing those other sketches was such a waste of time!! i didn't know what i was doing!! ;__;

i will upload the failed sketches and the actual sketch, plus a colored WIP, to my scraps. however it might end up being tomorrow, idk. i don't have all those things ready yet. so later on i will edit this post and add a link to the sketches and WIP, so stay tuned!

EDIT: i uploaded it!!!!!

M Bday 2016 sketches+WIP by Sachi-pon

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November 17, 2016
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