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you are allowed to use my artwork if you link back to the original!


if you share any of my work, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! ^__^ i don't care whether you reblog from me or just share it on your own, i'm just happy you shared it at all~~ remember to credit me though so that people will know it's me who did the work!!!


materials i use:

multiliner pens/ micron pens
dip pens
colored pencils
acrylic paint
soft pastels/ pastel chalk
pastel pencils
watercolor pencils
sakura gelly roll white pen
and for airbrush effects, i use a kids' art toy called sprayza!!! XD…

all of my pics use all or most of these materials. also i edit my pics digitally using and MS paint. i only make small corrections though!


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making a journal for status updates hahaha
that activity widget is just an eyesore tbh T.T
Arrow left Anyway, please note that I'll be overseas from 14th to 22nd April this month, so all owed art will be pushed back for about a week! Arrow right 
Going to London with my mom hahaha
look at all my comm WIPS I cry
Also, this is a random journal so it's the place for all and any questions you might have! could be if you're bored and wanna have a quick convo, or if you need help with something.
I'm more than happy to do redlines for people, if you need help or can't figure out how to improve your drawing. 
Past redlines I've done:
Resources that have helped me
1) C
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The 2nd place winner is...

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Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all who entered! You have 24 hours to note me and claim your prize.
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update 4-18: this particular commission offer is now closed. commissions in general are still closed too, as well as requests. not sure when commissions or requests will be open again.


i have another person in need to tell you all about, so it's different than the person i mentioned in 
the previous journal. this isn't something i randomly came across on the internet; i learned about this person through someone from my church. the person in need is Meg and she has chronic lyme disease, and she has suffered for 17 years. the treatment she badly needs is way more expensive than she can afford, so she needs people to help out. what really caught my attention about her is that she has traveled to nigeria to help abused women and children!! you'll have to read the details at her campaign link, but this is someone who cares more about others than herself. she really deserves other people caring for her too.

***DONATE!! EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS!!!… whether you can or can't donate, spread the word on social media.

and i am now opening commissions in order to help raise money for meg!!! i'm willing to draw art for people who donate. sure you can simply donate on your own and not tell me about it and not get anything from me. if you want do to that, that's fine. but just in case you're not sure whether or not you want to donate, i decided to add an extra incentive, so that there's another reason for you to donate. no, you don't have to be rich and give some huge amount of money. even a little bit of money helps.

keep in mind that meg's crowdfunding campaign is ending on april 18th. (if for some reason the campaign gets extended, i might extend my commission offer). there is a limited time for you to commission me. and if you've watched me for a while you'd know that my commissions and requests rarely open and they only open at random times. i am not sure the next time i'll open either of those. it could be weeks or months.

but right now, my commissions are open, so you might as well do it now since i don't know when i'll do this again. but  if you want a commission from me, i need to approve it before you donate to meg's campaign. please send me a note explaining what you want me to draw. i'll draw pretty much anything except fetish art or anything else that's controversial. it can be a sketch or colored work. you can also ask for more than one artwork. see my gallery for examples:…

tell me what you want, and i'll try to think of a price based on what you tell me. when we agree on a price, you'll donate that amount to meg's campaign. so that's when the art for you will be put on my to-do list!! i'll note you when the art is completed.

so yep there you go... it's a way to help someone who has a serious disease, while at the same time getting some art if you want it. if for some reason you can't donate, you can still share the campaign on social media. or if you know someone who's looking for commissions, show them this journal.

one more thing... i'm wondering if there is anyone else who is interested in doing something like this? you can make art for people in exchange for them donating to a good cause. if there were others who want to do this, i could possibly help advertise or something. comment or note if you want to do commissions for a cause.


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States

*~~~~~ super cute friends ~~~~~*

name: Sachi/Jasmine

occupation: fairy princess/ fangirl

born: 1991

location: north carolina

likes: bright colors, vintage things, big cities, lolita fashion, buying lip gloss, shojo manga, corsets, big eyes, futuristic things, sparkles, bishounen, drawing lip gloss on my characters, makoharu, white paint, elegant things, cute things

hobbies: drawing, writing (manga scripts), rambling, ranting, watching tv, reading manga

dream: to be a shojo manga artist :nod:

personality: lazy, weird, daydreamer, kawaii desu, loves to ramble, optimistic, friendly, very weird

avatar: my oc Jessica/SuperAwesomePants, by piirmy




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Hope you're doing well, sweetums!
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Thinking of you. I hope all is well God bless^w^
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thank you for your advice and the llama QuQ
mlti-manhua Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Hi Sachi-pon,

This is the creator of Modern Life of Immortal Demons, I have received your e-mail about beta reading last week, then  I sent you back an e-mail of details, did you get this e-mail? I‘m really looking forward to your help!
3PenProblem Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the llama. There's one heading your way too :D
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You have really cool art. I wouldn't say you're extremely good at drawing anatomy but I can definitely see that you're improving. I wish you much luck in your future art improvements! ;)
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Thanks for the llama, have another.

Just 24 to go to get the ninja.... *squeals*
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Hey hey! You live in NC :D half my family lives there~
RiiseIsAlive Featured By Owner Edited Dec 5, 2016   General Artist
I really like your shōjo style!
I think you are very good!
Senpai, can you please give me some tips on drawing females for a shōnen or a seinen manga? 
ZacharyTC Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Hello, Sachi! This might be unusual, but since it involves the Church, perhaps you would like to give your thoughts on the article and how I can improve it?…
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Hi ! Thank so much for the watch!
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